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The mesmerizing white sand resembles heaven and compliments the clear blue skies at the Bagatelle beach. St. Tropez is known to be one of the party corners of France and Bagatelle Beach is no exception. Sure, there are many clubs you can party at night but how many times did you wish the party could just go on and on when you were on vacation? Now it can. Catching people dance on the tables like there is no tomorrow is a common occurrence in Bagatelle Beach St. Tropez. Young people drinking their mojitos from 3 feet straws while losing themselves to the beats the DJ is playing, champagne popping right and left, and people enjoying their gourmet meals while enjoying the atmosphere. You could probably not ask for anything else for an absolutely amazing getaway. The warm and bright sun, the beautiful beach and the atmosphere are all wonderful at Bagatelle Beach.

This beautiful beachside day-party beach doesn’t lack anything when compared to any beach club or nightclub. You want a nice, clean beach to hang out with your friends? Bagatelle has got comfortable lawn chairs for you to tan, side tables to accommodate your food and beverages and large sturdy umbrellas if you want to get away from the sun for a little bit. If you want to be a little tipsy by the beach, your cocktails will be served to you on the beach, prepared by experienced mixologists, they are guaranteed to be delicious to the max.

At Bagatelle, you can enjoy gourmet brunches and meals as well! The famous French Executive Chef, Nicolas Cantrel cooks his signature dishes everyday, waiting for you to indulge yourself in them. His personal touches are showcased in such dishes as ravioli debar et artichaut; a homemade sea bass and artichoke ravioli, and coquilles St. Jacques et ses légumes de saisons; roasted sea scallops served with seasonal vegetables. Knowing how to satisfy your taste buds with every bite, Chef Nicolas Cantrel provides guests at Bagatelle Beach a truly wonderful experience.

The taste of the party, the rosé and the eccentricity, everything is a must-live kind of fun. Picture perfect spots for the memories you will never forget anyway but definitely, want to remember as vibrant as ever … For the tan, the good grilled fish, the champagne, and the party the direction seems to point at Bagatelle Beach Saint-Tropez on the Pampelonne beach in Ramatuelle, one of the most exclusive beach restaurants on the Gulf.
The lively energy at Bagatelle Beach is fun and fabulous. People go to Bagatelle beach for the atmosphere, drinks, food, and fun. The beach club has multiple other locations all over the world. A fun DJ plays everyone’s favorites and creates a fist-pumping infused party scene! Bagatelle Beach will leave you wanting to live at beach clubs for good. There are no limits at Bagatelle Beach, you can get up on the table with a stranger! It’s a party in St Tropez! Seriously, do not miss it.

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