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Minimum Age: 18


At the Matignon nightclub in Paris you will be immersed in a world of luxury and class, surrounded by the highest class people in all of Paris. Located in the most expensive area of the city, you can expect to see plenty of local and visiting celebrities, wealthy socialites, and high class tourists.

Matignon Paris has an attached restaurant which serves exquisite French cuisine by day. As you would expect, the food is expensive, but it is well worth the price. The restaurant can get very busy and it is recommended that you book in advance, rather than just show up when you want to.

Beneath the restaurant is the main club, which opens later at night. The venue boasts a reasonable dance floor and great features throughout the night. Expect lights shows, confetti, hired dancers, etc, depending on the night and the event. 

The music at the Matignon club Paris is a combination of French techno, international techno, and American remixes. It is pretty fresh and fun, and great to dance to. The DJs are mostly local talent, with the odd feature night including international names.

The drinks here are very high class. Definitely one of the best places in Paris for a drink and a night hitting the dance floor. Expect expensive bottles and special cocktails. Service is usually pretty prompt, but when the venue gets very busy there can be some delay. The drinks prices at both the restaurant and the club are quite high, but with the quality of the alcohol, the training of the staff, and their usual clientele, you can’t really expect it to be cheap, can you?

There is a strong focus on the social aspect in the nightclub. The crowd is very sexy and very vibrant. The age range is a bit more diverse than at other clubs, as it attracts many locals, not all of which will be young. That said, everyone is incredibly attractive no matter their age, and you will feel at home.

Like most French clubs, it opens very late, and you can easily party right through the night. The party truly gets started around midnight or just after, and the tempo is kept throughout the night. The French definitely know how to party and you will be surprised by how late it gets without you even noticing.

Getting into the Matignon club in Paris is not difficult if you look like you belong, but if you want to be treated like a star, you need to be dressed like a star. Men need to be dressed smart, with collared shirts and dress shoes. Women need to be in cocktail or party dresses and heels. Definitely no lounge wear, sportswear, or street clothes. It is also not an easy venue for solo men. You are much more likely to be admitted entrance if you are a woman, or a man with a group of women, then on your own. Otherwise expect to pay a hefty cover fee

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